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Shenzhen XJCSENSOR Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen XJCSENSOR Technology Co., Ltd. (XJCSENSOR) was founded in 2009 with 4000 m2 area. XJCSENSOR is headquartered in SZ. CN, and has offices in Suzhou, Hong Kong & Germany.

From February 2021, XJCSENSOR successively released new types of multi-axis force sensor to help the development of industry 4.0 for automated intelligent manufacturing. Industry 4.0 is to realize the intelligent automation of natural resources from development, collection, and production into the circulation process. Among them, the smart factory is the carrier of smart manufacturing, and the con...
The test purpose of the load cell is to establish the correlation between the magnitude of the force value and the value of the output signal. 1) Unit of measurement Since the 11th International Conference on Metrology in 1990, countries around the world have successively adopted the International System of Units (SI), which is a more complete and reasonable advanced unit developed on the basis of...
Facing the “difficult start” caused by the 2020 epidemic, China’s domestic manufacturing industry has suffered successive blows, and the difficulty of resuming work and production has become prominent. After this epidemic, the traditional electronics manufacturing industry will more actively think about and pay attention to the intelligent construction of factories, and promote t...